From The Factory


ACID NYC Sustainable Partners 

Fashion is the third highest-polluting industry in the world. The fashion industry, whether you know it or not, affects everyone. Think about it: we all wear clothes. But have you thought about where your clothes come from?

Here at ACID NYC, we believe in creating fashion with an impact. We have committed to working solely with sustainable clothing manufacturers who are not only conscious about the waste they produce, materials they use, and fair labor practices.

You have the power to challenge the system. You choose what you spend your money on. When you make conscious buying decisions, you are committing to a better fashion future.

Full transparency, see for yourself our sustainable manufacturing partners:

  • Tex4u, Korean Printing Factory
  • Design 2 Print, NYC Printing Factory
  • Lilly Fashion, NYC Sample and Production Factory
  • Priority Manufacturing, Miami Men’s Production Factory
  • i4Trends, Miami Production Factory