From The Factory: Our Sustainable Manufacturing Partners


ACID NYC Sustainable Manufacturing Partners

 At ACID NYC, we bring our elevated aesthetic, love of the alternative, and desire to cultivate community to everything we do. With a focus on design, craftsmanship, and a slow fashion philosophy, we are working every day to improve our social and environmental impact.

Clothes have the power to do good, therefore we have placed ethical trading and sustainability at our core. Our collections demonstrate that impeccable style can go hand in hand with thoughtful living.

ACID NYC Sustainable Manufacturing Partners

We strongly believe that ethical and sustainable production is the only acceptable way of producing. Responsibly sourced materials and industry best practices are fundamental building blocks of superior design. Shopping ethically should not compromise the quality or design of the product but rather enhance and add value to it.

We have committed to working solely with sustainable clothing manufacturers who are conscious about the waste they produce, materials they use, and fair labor practices. 

Our sustainable manufacturing partners:

  • Design 2 Print, NYC Printing Factory

  • Lilly Fashion, NYC Sample and Production Factory

  • Tex4u, Korean Printing Factory

  • Priority Manufacturing, Miami Men’s Production Factory

  • i4Trends, Miami Production Factory

ACID NYC Sustainable Manufacturing Partners

We have the power to challenge the system.

You decide what you support with your money. When you make conscious buying decisions, you are committing to a better fashion future.